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“Find your light in the Lord who will give you your hearts desire.” 

[Psalm 37:4]

Parish Notices

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Mass Intentions

If you want a Mass to be said on a particular date, please submit the details as soon as possible. The newsletter is prepared a week in advance (usually Monday), so last minute changes to the Mass schedule aren’t always possible

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Prayer Intentions

As at St Nicholas’ church, there is now a Prayer Intentions book placed on the altar at Our Lady’s church for those intentions that Fr Craig becomes aware of at the last minute, or which people want to keep private. Please let Fr Craig know if you’d like names added.

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If you would like to start as a parish volunteer, we will need to confirm or organise DBS clearance. Please let Fr Craig have your details so we can start this process. Thank you to all those who have already come forward to volunteer.


Knitters Wanted!

Would you be willing and able to knit some squares to be made into blankets for homeless people? Needles and wool will be provided! Please speak to Stella if you would like to help.

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St Teresa's Retirement Club

Every Monday between 2pm and 4pm St Teresa’s Retirement Club meets in the Newman Centre next to St Teresa’s church. This is a wonderful opportunity for our retirees to get together.

Prayer Group

Handmaid's Women's Prayer Meeting

(Led by the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal)

First Friday of the month (except 8th July), 7pm-8.30pm, Corpus Christi church, Neville Road, LEEDS, LS9 0HD. With Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, opportunity for Confession, Rosary, Night Prayer and refreshments afterwards! We are so fortunate to have the Sisters amongst us so let’s support their invaluable witness and work.

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Parish Fundraising

Thanks to all of you, your families and friends, the Parish of Blessed Edmund Sykes is in a strong position financially. However, much of our money is deposited with the Diocese for security. So, although the money is ours, it’s not always easy to access it at short-notice. Given a couple of upcoming projects (the roof at Our Lady’s and the parish kitchen at St Nicholas’) I am asking as your priest for your support so that we can build up the parish’s current account (the one that we have immediate access to) so that we can get on with what needs doing.

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Lourdes Pilgrimage

As we emerge from Lockdown, a diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes is tentatively being planned from Friday July 1 - Thursday 7 July with Tagney Tours. Please get in touch for further details.

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Children's Liturgy

For those wondering what actually happens in the Children’s Liturgy on Sunday mornings at St Nicholas’, it’s a chance for children to engage with the readings of Mass. They readings are presented and discussed in a way more suited to the younger age group. If you have children aged 4 to 11, our catechists would be delighted to welcome them, but the team are happy to discuss this guideline. Please see Judith Putsman or Michelle Troughton for further details.

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There are many forms of prayer. Some of us go only one way, some of us another. There are moments of living certainty: Christ is there; He speaks within us. In other moments he is the silent one, a distant unknown one.. For all, prayer in its infinite variations remains a path to a life that does not come from us, but from elsewhere.

For a Church open to everyone...

We pray for the Church; ever faithful to, and courageous in preaching the Gospel, may the Church be a community of solidarity, fraternity and welcome, always living in an atmosphere of collaboration.
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