Letter From Fr Duane

Dear all,

Over the last couple of weeks our country, indeed our world, has changed, we are now as a people in lockdown, or at least we should be!  Below this message is a reminder of the government guidelines regarding Covid-19 which are supported by our Bishop.

At the time of writing the death rate in the UK has reached 759, including 5 in the Leeds area, I have attended my first patient for end of life care as a result of this virus.  There is now no denying the grave situation in which we find ourselves, and which is going to get worse.

At times such as these we turn to our faith and look at our world with ‘the lens of faith’ to quote:

“Without faith, all this suffering is pointless; there is no greater purpose and people are dying for no reason.  Yet with faith, we know that there is a purpose. We might not know what it is, and it might be difficult to cling onto during these difficult times, but that truth remains all the same.”

What makes this time so testing is that we are unable to join together to support each other and as Catholics celebrate the Sacraments and Liturgies of our faith community; something that would have been very central to our forbearers when they faced trials in their ages. 

But there are still things we can do for each other: we can pray for ourselves and those who are dear to us, we can pray for those who care for the sick and house bound, on a practical level we can phone those who are self-isolating, especially if we have a telephone tariff that allows for ‘free’ calls or messaging, do you have a Skype or similar method or reaching out to others? Be creative!

Shortly Bishop Marcus will be providing guidance for our celebrations over the Easter period, I hope communicate these to you via the parish website next week.

Assuring you of my prayers


Fr Duane