Message from Fr Duane

Once again we appeal for more people to volunteer to be stewards, it really isn’t as onerous as it sounds, if you are interested please contact me on 0113.249.0429.

I really would like to extend the number of Masses that are available in the parish and reopen Our Lady of Good Counsel as soon as possible – but if there are insufficient Stewards than I will not be allowed to do so! So over to you.

You are probably also aware of the latest government announcement; we will need to wear masks in Church from the 8th August! We do have a limited supply of masks and the Diocese is working to secure a supply and hopefully they will get back to me next week.

We are fortunate to be able to attend Mass during this Pandemic, please spare a thought for those in our parishes in Bradford, Huddersfield and the surrounding areas who are once again in lockdown and unable to attend Mass, along with all the other restrictions that this implies.

God bless

Fr Duane

Booking Form - Sunday Mass 10 am

Please complete the booking form to attend Mass next Sunday at 10 am. Places in Church are limited and we will do the utmost to ensure we can accommodate everyone. In the details section, please state the number of people you are booking for (this must be the number of people in your bubble who will be attending Mass and their contact information). If you are booking on behalf of several people - please complete the form for each individual bubble. Many thanks for your cooperation.

Parish Donations

There are different ways you can make a donation to the Parish. 


You can make a donation online by clicking the following link.



As previously highlighted the relics of three saints have been found in St Nicholas Church.

Below are photographs of the boxes and envelopes they were discovered in. If you have any information or memories of how they came to be deposited at St Nicholas, please would you drop Fr Duane a line. At the end of the lockdown they will be placed on display within the Parish Church.