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This week we are loading onto the website the photographs of the three relics discovered in St Nicholas Church. As previously mentioned we will be putting them on display in the Church at the end of lockdown. The search has also turned up a lot of archive materials including a number of photographs of former priests before their hair went grey – we will also be publishing these photographs in due course. But on a serious note there is a lot of material including photographs that we need to go through; my plan, again at the end of lockdown, is to get a group of people to go through them with the aim of creating a display somewhere in one of the churches.

In the coming week I hope to meet up with a builder to arrange for the locks to be replaced and the doors and hinges repaired; this is a pre-requisite prior to any consideration of reopening for worship or private prayer.

Fr Duane


As previously highlighted the relics of three saints have been found in St Nicholas Church.

Below are photographs of the boxes and envelopes they were discovered in. If you have any information or memories of how they came to be deposited at St Nicholas, please would you drop Fr Duane a line. At the end of the lockdown they will be placed on display within the Parish Church.